Mayor Alexis Hermosillo

Welcome to the City of El Mirage Business Licensing Center. We're excited that you've chosen El Mirage as a place you would like to do business. We're eager to see you succeed and look forward to serving you.

Frequently Asked Business Licensing Questions

Q: Who is required to obtain a business license for the City of El Mirage?
A: Any person, partnership, syndicate, firm, association, or corporation, before engaging in any of the businesses, callings, or professions, hereinafter collectively called "business" or "businesses", within the corporate limits of the city or who conducts a business outside the corporate limits of the city and who solicits, canvasses, advertises, or delivers products or performs services within the city limits shall procure from the Finance Department a license for the carrying on of the business, upon payment of the license tax, as hereinafter provided.
Q: What types of businesses are exempt from obtaining a business license?
  • Persons engaging in the sale of newspaper subscriptions
  • Non profit youth organizations, including but not limited to Boys and Girls Clubs of America, engaging in organization sponsored fund-raising activities.
  • School Children engaging in authorized or school sponsored fund-raising activities.
  • Religious organizations engaging in distributing information regarding the beliefs of their faith.
Q: What types of Businesses are considered Special Regulatory businesses?
A: Massage Establishments, Tattoo/Body Piercing, and Sexually Oriented Businesses, Off-Track Wagering, Pawn Brokers and Solicitors. All applicants must visit the City in person for fingerprinting and background checks. All applicants must be over 18 years of age. There may be a fee for fingerprinting.
Q: When are Business License Renewals due?
A: Annual business license renewals for current business license holders are due by December 31st of each calendar year for the next calendar year. If the license renewal payment is not received by January 15th, a 10% penalty is imposed.
Q: How are new business license fees calculated?
A: Business license fees are based on the calendar year, from January through December, and are pro-rated quarterly for the first year only.
Q: Do I need a business license for my Residential Rental Property?
A: No, Property owners with rental property in El Mirage are no longer required to obtain a business license for residential rental property. However, as a property owner, you are still required to report & pay sales tax on rental income.
Q: What is the City of El Mirage Sales Tax percentage?
A: The City imposes a 3% privilege (sales) tax, EXCEPT on the following class:
Business ClassActivityRate
000City Sales Tax3%
001Transient Lodging (hotel, motel, rooming board, bed & breakfast, apartment, trailer space rentals, all rentals for periods of 30 consecutive days or less.)2%
Total City Sales Tax for Transient Lodging5%

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