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Due to it's close relationship to both it's municipal government and it's business community, your chamber may be ideally suited to provide local customer/fulfillment service to your community's businesses as they go through the business licensing process. 

Using the BizConnectPro system and with your city or town government's approval, your chamber staff may be able to provide a level of service in cooperation with BizConnectPro's team. 

Such a relationship will result in non-dues revenue to the chamber, provide opportunities to strengthen your chamber's role within the community and further establish a productive working relationship with your respective municipality.

There are currently two levels of chamber/BizConnectPro partnership:
At this level, the chamber provides only telephone, email and instant chat support to businesses as they seek to apply for a new license, renew an exisiting license or learn more about the town or city's licensing requirements. 

Chamber staff may find themselves guiding an individual through the BizConnectPro system or simply answering basic licensing questions.  
At this level, the chamber not only provides Tier 1 phone/electronic support, but also provides document processing support. 

This generally includes processing of traditional paper check payments and processing licensing renewals. 

It may also include uploading scanned versions of required hard-copy documentation deemed necessary by city ordinance.
Is your chamber indispensable?

BizConnectPro makes the chamber relevant to both the business community and to local governments.

To learn more about putting your chamber back in a position of process relevance in your community contact us today for a free consultation.