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      Prime Business Licensing Service
BizConnectPro Services for Municipalities
     Basic-PLUS Business Licensing Service
     Basic Business Licensing Service

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  • Muni to Business/Business to Muni Communication Tools
Polling/Survey Services
Info-Blast and Business Communication Newsletter

  • Comprehensive Reporting
Multiple permission-level access for reports and business information

  • Additional Value-Added EcDev Intelligence Services

  • Full Document Processing Service

  • Full Phone/Electronic Business Customer Support
At its most robust, the BizConnectPro system is best used as a full service outsourcing opportunity for your municipality's business licensing process. You no longer need staff resources dedicated to processing business licenses.  But even while you lighten the staff burden, you maintain full control.

Your municipality has the option of several levels of potential engagement with BizConnectPro:
In addition to the web-based BizConnectPro automated business licensing system, the Basic-PLUS option provides all of the above EXCEPT phone or electronic support to business customers.  It does, however, provide technical support to our municipal clients as they serve their community's businesses.

This is a great option for those municipalities that would prefer to be the "face" of business licensing services without the cost of processing renewals, hard-copy documents and traditional check payments along with other account reconciliation tasks. 
The Basic option provides your municipality with the fully automated web-based BizConnectPro business licensing system.  Your staff continues to manage all tier1 and tier 2 customer support along with all document processing and renewal management.  The Basic service provides unlimited BizConnectPro technical service for your office staff as they serve the business community.
Our Prime level service not only offers you a complete solution for your business licensing needs, it also saves tax payer dollars and provides additional value-added services beyond your basic licensing needs.  

  • Comprehensive Renewal Processing
Hard-Copy and Email Renewal Notifications, Warnings, Cancellations

  • Complete New Business License Processing
On-Site Kiosk/drop-box option along with full web-based system 

  • Complete License Approval Processing
Let the licensing process be the pack mule of multiple
 departments information needs regarding businesses in your community